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Hong Kong Paediatric Nephrology Society (HKPNS) was formed in 1989 by a group of doctors who cared about children with kidney diseases. It is a non-profit professional organization which has been actively promoting the development of Paediatric Nephrology in Hong Kong.  


To promote education and academic interest in Paediatric Nephrology.

To optimize the care of children with kidney diseases by academic exchanges.   

To promote kidney health for children in Hong Kong 

Our Mission

Event Highlights


Kidney transplant is the best treatment for children with kidney failure. It provides the best clinical outcomes and quality of life. However, organ supply is rather limited. In Hong Kong, the average waiting time for a child to receive kidney transplant is 3.7 years [1]. During this period, children have to undergo dialysis and may suffer from dialysis-associated complications. HKPNS supports organ donation, and it is beyond doubt that transplant would bring hope and new life to children with kidney failure.