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Welcome Message from the President

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The Hong Kong Paediatric Nephrology Society (HKPNS) was founded in 1989 by a group of paediatricians who looked after children with kidney diseases. Over the years, HKPNS has evolved into a society with many facets, covering the establishment of an educational forum through lectures, meetings and courses, promoting research and good clinical practices and the development of the training of paedatric nephrologists in Hong Kong.


As president of HKPNS, I am proud to say that it has achieved the mission of advancing the knowledge and improving the standard of care in managing childhood kidney diseases as well as promoting child health in relation to kidney diseases in Hong Kong. Not only does HKPNS contribute significantly to the development of paediatric nephrology in Hong Kong but also to paediatric nephrology in Asia, being one of the younger members of the Asian Pediatric Nephrology Association. This exceptional achievement must be credited to the founding members, past and present presidents and council members who have worked tirelessly to ensure the development of our society.


As we continue to strive for excellence, I have full confidence that our society will go from strength to strength through the dedication and hard work of our members and that Hong Kong’s children will be assured of a first rate paediatric nephrology service in the forthcoming years. 


Dr. Lai Wai Ming


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